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360 support of your e-commerce ambitions

Combining world class technology with decades of in-house e-commerce expertise, we exist to empower the charity retail sector in becoming the primary source of fashion globally.

Marketing Be part of something bigger. From co-marketing opportunities to nationwide PR campaigns, technical SEO to social media templates, our in-house marketing team is ready to accelerate your digital commerce ambitions.

Customer Support Package not delivered? Product the wrong size? Someone seeking a refund? We’ve seen it all, which is why we’ve invested in leading customer support processes to ensure that your every supporter receives only best in class customer experience, even when things go wrong.

Order Fulfilment We’ve set up partnerships with national and international postal partners so that you can fulfil orders anywhere near or far. With automated shipping labels and pre-calculated shipping prices, we make it easy for you to provide a seamless fulfilment journey.

Packaging We have partnered with NoIssue who are (almost) as passionate about sustainability and circularity as we are! They’re on a mission to make sustainable packaging accessible to businesses. Together we have created beautiful and compostable packaging that we provide for free to all of our partners.

Merchandising When it comes to online sales, merchandising matters. That’s why we’ve invested in AI technology and a leading e-commerce merchandising team to help our partners present their products in a way that’s optimised to rank across all our marketplaces, whilst appealing to potential buyers.

Multi-channel Selling When you upload a product to Thriftify, it becomes available for sale on our website but it’s also automatically listed across many other marketplaces. The best bit? We’ve got these marketplaces talking to each other. So, when your product sells on eBay, it will automatically become unavailable on Amazon and everywhere else. No more double selling!

Education E-commerce is a minefield, but we’ve got a team of socially conscious experts with decades of e-comm experience who know how to navigate the space with great efficiency and effectiveness. We regularly educate our charity partners on upcoming trends so that together, we’re not competing against each other, rather we’re challenging every CONTENT HERE

Reporting Every key decision made at Thriftify is data-backed, and we aim for our charity partners to take the same approach. By providing real-time reporting metrics, regular check-ins, a success strategy and other soft supports, we equip our charity partners to make the best decisions moving forward.

Automated Store Attribution We’ve recognised the importance of buy-in from the entire charity to realise a charity HQ’s e-commerce ambitions. That’s why we developed a warehouse solution with automated store attribution. This means that the sale from valuable stock of a particular store can be accredited to that store, and crucially, sales can sit on that store’s unique balance sheet.

Pricing We know that charities can earn 3x more for a product online than if it were sold on the high-street, but that doesn’t mean every product is treated equally. Our barcode technology allows charities to see whether a product will earn more in-store or online, so they can make an informed decision as to what gets listed with Thriftify. For non-barcoded products, we use AI technology and some old-fashioned gut feeling to determine an appropriate and competitive pricing strategy, always ensuring we’re not at a race to the bottom.

Features Comparison

FeatureThriftifyOther Solutions
Cross Channel Listing

Products automatically listed on multiple marketplaces including eBay & Amazon

Some do, not all
Integrated Fulfilment

Fully integrated fulfilment with couriers, meaning you don't have to worry about creating postage labels and arranging shipping

Some do, not all
AI Pricing

Ability to use artificial intelligence to value and price goods, saving you time and making sure every item is listed at the optimum price point

Some do, not all
No Up-Front Costs

Fees only paid when you sell something

Some do, not all
Dedicated E-Commerce Platform

Online sales platform only for pre-loved items

Some do, not all
Customer Service

24/7 customer team responding to all customer queries & keeping your customers happy

Some do, not all
Ultra Fast Uploads

Just send basic information and photos to have the listings created and optimised for you

Some do, not all
Gift Aid

Integrated Gift Aid reporting so that you don't miss out on this vital fundraising aspect

Some do, not all
Success Team

A dedicated success manager and support team for help whenever you need it

Some do, not all
Reporting & Insights

Track and shape all of your e-commerce goals with customised reporting, analytics and category insights

Some do, not all
Marketing Campaigns

Daily social media campaigns, weekly email campaign and monthly sale events to put your products in front as many eyes as possible

For Charities Only

Social enterprise dedicated to helping charity retailers sell online, easily

All Round Partner

Help on any campaigns, not just e-commerce. Working together to power your growth using in-store assets and joint email and social campaigns

Packaging Provided

Taking more weight of your shoulders by providing planet friendly packaging to ship your orders

Charity Connections

Connecting you with other charity partners so you can hear their story and learn more about how they optimise their online sales and processes


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