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About Us

Our mission is to change how and why the world shops

With innovative digital technology we empower the world’s most ethical organisations to lead the sustainable shopping revolution; by enabling for-impact companies to easily list used, sustainable goods online and reach millions of consumers.

Our consumer-facing work facilitates people to shop mindfully and impactfully, while also winning on price, convenience and experience.

By connecting consumers circulators who care with the most impactful source of goods, we’re building a circular and social economy that can save the planet.


Rónán Ó Dálaigh

Founder & CEO

Emily Beere

Founder & CSO

Timur Negru

Founder & COO

Hira Zaidi

Head of Product

India Neckel

e-Commerce Manager

Blathnaid Devilly

Partner Success Manager

Louise O Toole

Partner Success Manager

Syed Danish Raza

Partner Support Manager

Mindfully delighting our community through disruptive ownership.

Thriftify is a mission-driven organisation that is aiming to change how, and why, the world shops. Charity retailers hold the key to unlocking a sustainable future. A future in which pre-loved fashion is preferred, and where fashion spend goes to good causes. Building a better future requires organisations to be better, to be value driven. At Thriftify our values give us a clear pathway to achieving our missions.

Mindfulness Slow is a revolution. Our fashion and society has become too fast for its own good. Being mindful ensures we listen to our users and provide value, enables us to fully enjoy our work and ensures that we’re staying true to our mission.

Delight As a technology company we build tools that inspire and create unrivalled experiences. Through listening and being ambitious we build products that our partners love. We give our community of thrifters the best shopping experience by delighting them with ease, price, convenience and impact.

Community Going further, means going together. For too long we’ve been told to stand out, to be heroes. Individualism only drives consumerism and isolation. In reality, change is more fun and best achieved together, as a community. We celebrate people-power as the real lever of change.

Disruption We’re here to change things, quickly. Our industries, economies and business models have failed us. Building a new model that is based on circularity and social benefit is our way out of crises and toward sustainability.

Ownership We respect that our ambitions can only be achieved if we take radical individual ownership for the objectives and goals we’ve been assigned to lead. We rely on our team and communicate honestly with them. We pride ourselves on leveraging a growth mindset to achieve our ambitions, as a team.

Life at Thriftify

Working at Thriftify is dynamic, fulfilling and fun. We operate under self-managed principles A set of practices that distribute authority, giving clarity of responsibilities and maximum autonomy to each member of the team.

The world as we know it is built on domination and top down structures, in seeking to build a new world, we actively install new structures which are flat and democratic. In self-management, commitments between co-workers replace hierarchical relationships. With this comes the opportunity to create more humane and purpose-oriented organisations.

Are you ready to change the world?

Thriftify has offices in London and Dublin and allows employees to set their own working arrangements and balance of remote vs in-office, flexible working vs set hours and much more. We look for people with:

  • Growth mindsets, who’s style of leadership is based on delivering results and helping others.
  • Disruptors, who wants to be a part of something big and meaningful.
  • Are passionate about the need for a radical overhaul of our economy and society, to build a sustainable future.
  • Active listeners, who prefer to belong to a community and achieve collective success, as opposed to being the star of the show.

If this is you, why not register your interest in joining our team and we’ll let you know as knew roles emerge.

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